We at Inde Artisans provide crochet manufacturing services to let you enjoy the comfort of fashionable yet casual apparel. Apart from being India’s leading knitwear manufacturer, Inde Artisans also has a large portfolio of crochet manufacturing. We sell cosy crochet clothes for kids, children, women, and even men.

Hand-made crochet clothing has a rich, intricate, and distinctive feel that not only imparts a high sense of fashion in this generation but also comfort that one can rely on. By mastering the craft of crochet and creating products with designs ranging from the most simple to the most complex, Inde Artisans and its highly talented artisans want to provide that warmth and appeal to high-end customers worldwide.

Our artisans are completely capable of creating crochet clothing and crochet accessories using a variety of yarns, particularly 100% cotton yarn. If you know very little about crocheting, our artists will provide suggestions and introduce you to various crochet patterns and stitches. By collaborating with designers and talented artisans, we hope to provide the highest-quality crochet garments. We strive to be India’s largest crochet clothing manufacturer and offer the most intricate crochet clothing possible.

  • Different Crochet Techniques In Inde Artisans

  • At Inde Artisans, we use varied crochet techniques to make appealing crochet apparel.

  • From the most basic patterns to the trendiest ones, our artists create crochet garments that are cosy to wear but never lack style.

Here are some of the crochet techniques our company provides that you will love:

Moss Stitch

  • Moss Stitch: Also known as granite stitch, it is a mixture of single stitch and chain stitch.

  • Thick And Thin Front Loop Single Crochet Stitch: It is lacy and uses a front loop single stitch with two different-sized yarns.

Basic Crochet V Stitch

  • A double crochet stitch with a chain stitch.

Tunisian Crochet

  • Also known as Afghan crochet, it is a cross between knitting and crocheting.

Hairpin Lace Crochet

  • It uses a special tool, an adjustable hairpin lace loom, to provide lace patterns.

Pineapple Lace Crochet

  • It requires basic travelling chain stitches to make a pineapple-shaped pattern.

Corner-To-Corner Stitch

  • It is a diagonal box stitch technique that is worked from corner to corner.

Shell Stitch

  • Another basic yet appealing stitch that gives a vintage appearance by forming shell-like patterns

Puff Stitch

  • A perfect stitch for extra-warm crochet clothes as it gives a soft and squishy texture.

Granny Square Work

  • It requires chain stitch and double crochet stitch. It has a square and lace-like appearance.

These are a few of the crocheting techniques that our artists have expertise in; if there are any other special techniques that you require, our master artisans are always available.

Types Of Crochet Garments And Accessories At Inde Artisans

A massive wave of crocheted apparel has swept the market. People are going crazy about the aesthetics, making it one of the most popular fashion choices right now. Because "life is too short to wear boring clothes," as the saying goes, we provide you with a variety of crochet clothing styles that will satiate your need for high-end fashion.

Crochet Tops

Cropped crochet tops, sleeveless tops, frilled tops, crochet tank tops, halter-neck tops, tube tops, bikini tops, and other styles of crochet tops are among the varieties we offer. They are all expertly manufactured with the utmost attention and accuracy. You'll discover the ideal size, colour, and design that you're looking for. The sort of yarn we use to manufacture the tops can maintain itself even after exposure to rain and sunlight, which makes Inde Artisans and its goods unique. You will discover the ideal match for your style with unrivalled quality, whether it be for a beach trip, a summer party, or a relaxed coffee hangout.

Crochet Dresses

Regarding crochet dresses, you no longer need to be worried. You will have a number of choices for dresses in addition to tops. Our designers work hard to find the ideal dress for you, starting with midis, minis, and even maxi crochet dresses. You won't hesitate to purchase it because of the meticulous attention to quality, pattern, and detail. They are particularly fashionable and silky to the touch, the perfect accessory to make your day.

Crochet Bottoms

With our crochet bottoms, which come in a variety of styles, including shorts, skirts, crochet pants, midi skirts, and even bikini bottoms, you'll look especially lovely. If you're a beach addict who enjoys flaunting her clothing, you'll fall head over heels for Inde Artisans and its selection. We only offer the best products at competitive prices. Try some crochet bottoms from Inde Artisans to give yourself a pleasure unlike any other.

Crochet Winter Wear

Inde Artisans wants to keep its customers warm and fashionable over the winter. Our selection of crochet cardigans, crochet sweaters, and mufflers will keep you warm and comfortable on a chilly day. Crochets are perfect for any occasion, and even during the winter, you can shine bright with our crochet winter collections and walk the streets in style. We always provide a wide range of colour combinations from our custom crochet collection, allowing you to buy exactly what you want and have it delivered before the season starts.

Here are some types of yarn that we use:

Natural fibres

  • Organic fibres made from plants and animals, such as cotton and silk. We specifically deal with 100% cotton yarn because our major aim is to manufacture sustainable and organic clothing.

Synthetic fibres

  • If the consumer requests it, we also utilise synthetic fibres like acrylic, rayon, nylon, and polyester while upholding moral manufacturing standards.

Ways To Buy Crochet Clothing

Wholesale Crochet

  • For online and offline merchants who want to include crochet in their product selection but don't want it to be specially manufactured for their brand, wholesale crochet is ideal.

Custom Crochet

  • Designers and businesses that want their crochet patterns to be completely exclusive to them and their brands should use custom crochet.

White Label Crochet

  • For fashion labels and shops who want their own brand to stand out through the layout, palette, and labelling of the white-label crochet patterns, white-label crochet is a fantastic alternative.

We at Inde Artisans desire to provide you with distinctive crochet attire. Our primary objective is to incorporate comfort and style into one portion and create a masterpiece.