Kids/Babies Knitwear & Spring Clothing

In the past, kids’ apparel was anything their parents selected. However, high-end fashion has embraced all the new generations. Today, even kids want to dress in stylish clothing and accessories. 

Hence, we at Inde Artisans aim to manufacture the desired kids’ garments. 

As India’s top kid’s knitwear manufacturers, we strive to make them aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for the wearer's body.


With our access to the world’s finest fabrics, we want kids to stand out and feel comfortable in their own skin. Therefore, we manufacture high-quality products at the most reasonable price. For instance, we produce knit sweaters for newborns, kids’ onesies, summer clothes for kids, knitted t-shirts, knit tops, etc.

Key Features Of Inde Artisans

Inde Artisans is aware of the significance of comfort and fit when it comes to the design and manufacturing of children's clothing. Hence;

  • We produce knitwear with fabrics that are convenient for kids. Moreover, we keep our children's garments lightweight, breathable, and portable. We take care, especially because children and newborns have sensitive skin.
  • Our talented team of artisans is expert at creating a wide range of kidswear styles. For example, patchwork, smocking, pleating, fabric dyeing, fabric printing, denim washing effects, etc.
  • We use high-quality fabrics that feel excellent in the hand. We use fabrics that are bio-washed and guaranteed to not bleed colour. Moreover, we make sure they have high abrasion resistance and are environmentally friendly.
  • All products go through more than 26 quality control steps! That is to say, we guarantee that you will receive 100% error-free items.

Custom Kids Knitwear Manufacturer

As a manufacturer, our aim is not to create our own collection at Inde Artisans. Our focus is to give life to the imaginations of buyers who want to create their own clothing brands. So, we do our best to manufacture the desired apparel at the most affordable price. Inde Artisans is where your quest for a reputable kid's clothing manufacturer ends.


100% customization at Inde Artisans:

  • We offer the liberty of complete customization. For instance, you are free to choose the fabric, colour, print, sizing, cuts, packaging, etc.
  • As a buyer, you have absolute liberty to make countless choices. That is to say, you can provide any design that you want for your clothing brand. 
  • Above all, we have earned a reputation for providing high-quality clothing. It is due to our meticulous attention to every detail. 
  • We have produced children's clothing for the finest children's clothing labels worldwide. For instance, we provide to boutique owners, international brands, children's fashion designers, etc.

Organic And Sustainable Kid's Clothing


Inde Artisans’ goal is to provide 100% cotton, organic, and sustainable kid’s apparel. That is to say, we have access to a variety of eco-friendly and organic fabrics for your clothing line.

Usually, we provide 100% certified organic cotton. However, we also allow for customized fabric compositions. We collaborate with fabric mills that have passed tests to ensure they are safe for humans. They are also GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified.

Most importantly, we ensure that fabrics are organic and free of nitrogen-based chemicals. We also offer some extra fabrics. For instance, we have organic muslin fabric, organic rib, organic bamboo, and more.



Types of Kidswear We Produce


Inde Artisans’ manufacturing facility has enough equipment to produce varied types of kidswear. For instance, we can range from classic looks to clothing on par with new fashion trends. Our skilled artisans are always ready to produce the best that you need.



Here are some pieces of kidswear that we have been manufacturing:


Baby rompers, Girl’s smocked dresses, Children’s shorts, Boys shorts, Baby t-shirts, Baby onesies, Baby dresses, Kids clothing sets, Baby sleepwear, Children’s polo t-shirts, Girls smocked with embroidered dresses, Uniforms, Girls skirts, Baby clothing sets, Boys hoodies, Boys sweatshirts, Boys boxers, Boys pant, Boys polo t-shirts, Organic infant long-sleeve lap-over, Organic toddler long-sleeve crew thermal, Organic infant pants, Organic toddler long and short sleeve crew shirts, Organic toddler long-sleeve thermal, Organic toddler lap-over, Organic toddler one piece, Organic toddler long-sleeve thermal, Organic toddler long sleeve one piece, Boys jackets, Boys zip-throughs, Organic infant bibs, boys tank tops, Rugby polo t-shirts, Boys graphic tees, etc.

Our team of artisans has expertise in every aspect to manufacture the dream clothing you want for your store.


Key Services in Inde Artisans


We make purchasing easy by offering a low minimum order quantity. With only fewer pieces, you can now order your clothing in our manufacturing unit. However, in the case of certain items, there is a standard MOQ of 100 pieces. For instance, denim, embroidered styles, custom print styles, etc.


Factory Type

There is a full-service factory at Inde Artisans. All we need are the specifics of your design. Our knowledgeable and equipped manufacturing team will take care of the rest. We can make any design from scratch.


Export %

100% of Inde Artisans' activities are for export. Thus, we accept only export-related orders. Moreover, we make all payments in foreign currencies. The USD is the preferred currency.

Primary Category
We mostly produce women's and children's clothing. However, we also work on clothing for men and babies. You can order items in these categories in any style and level of detail.



Woven and knitted fabrics of every kind fall under our purview. Furthermore, we provide a variety of other services. For example, embroidery, crochet, printing, fabric dyeing, smocking, patchwork, and more.

Turnaround Time


Production takes 6 to 8 weeks, and sampling takes 2 to 3 weeks. This might happen sooner or later, depending on the specifics of the design and the quantity.

Production Capability

The high manufacturing capacity of Inde Artisans is 60,000 pieces per style per month. In the event that you need extra production each month, we can expand our capacity in a matter of a week.

Why Inde Artisans Is the Best Kids Knitwear Manufacturer for You

100% Quality Guarantee


At Inde Artisans, we are accountable for everything we produce. In the last ten years, we have created a reputation for offering the highest-quality items. We strictly uphold this pride.


Small Business Friendly


We make purchasing easy with a low minimum order quantity for small business owners. Thus, small businesses can now order clothing in our manufacturing unit with fewer pieces. However, in the case of certain items like denim, embroidered styles, etc., the standard MOQ may change.


Sustainable Fabrics


The main reason we are the best is our ability to source all kinds of high-quality organic fabrics. We only use certified fabrics that are convenient for kidswear garments.


Highly Equipped


Inde Artisans is highly equipped to provide different services under one roof. For instance, we deliver all kinds of woven and knitted fabrics, custom prints, and a varied collection of laces, tussles, zippers, etc.

Moreover, we also offer other services. For example, we do pattern-making, grading, sourcing, cutting, sewing, sampling, packaging, shipping, etc.

Skilled Artisans

We have a team of skilled, talented, and happy artisans and employees. They are well-equipped in computer and hand embroidery, knitting, smocking, beadwork, laces, trims, etc. 

Moreover, we have in-house graphic designers. They can produce prints and designs exactly the way you want them.

Individual Attention


We provide attentive customer service. We respond as quickly as possible to customer requests. In our company, the needs of the customers come first. Above all, we connect over WhatsApp and email to share multimedia updates.



Inde Artisans strives to make production easy, transparent, and reliable. Furthermore, we have different designs and varied fabrics best suited for kids and babies.

So, we at Inde Artisans can offer a 100% guarantee of the perfect apparel your clothing label needs.