Knitwear Manufacturing

At Inde Artisans, we dedicate our hearts and minds to making the best product for our affluent customers around the globe. We are India’s leading knitwear manufacturer that aims to create organic clothing for women, men, and kids with a wide range of designs and styling. 

Therefore, starting with the fundamental step of translating a designer's idea onto paper to the creation of the first test sample, we take care of every minute detail. Moreover, we have a state-of-the-art design studio. With a dedicated in-house design team, we meticulously look into consumer needs. The aim is to build sustainable garments of unrivalled quality.

Since a decade ago, Inde Artisans has offered a wide range of goods to its clients. For instance, we offer baby cotton or wool knitwear, women and men knitted t-shirts, cotton sweaters, baby beanies, kids knitwear, and more. Above all, our unit contains a design workstation. Going beyond simple patterns and sampling and bringing customers' ideas to life, it offers 3D knitting simulation and machine programming. Further, we also have an expert team of artisans. They help us quickly create the desired aesthetic within a matter of weeks with available yarns.


Design And Sampling

Being India’s leading cotton knitwear manufacturer, Inde Artisans analyses buyer requirements right from the base of the designing process. From the CADs to Protos and Shipment Samples, we take approval at all stages. That is to say, we ensure the product’s high quality and the buyer’s satisfaction with a dedicated team of designers and artisans.

  • Our in-house design team, which possesses knowledge in printing and embroidery research, handles the designs and technical drawings.
  • We provide design samples through CAD systems and have graphic designers provide hand-created designs that complement the originality of the customer.
  • Sampling is managed by our highly skilled and experienced design team and technicians, who have thorough insights into production and commerce.
  • We make samples from tech packs, sketches, swatches, or even inspirational images.
  • With the available yarns, sample development could take roughly 7 days.
  • Sampling is possible with fine 14, 12, and 10 Gauge to 5 Gauge Chunky fabric qualities.
  • Most importantly, we use natural yarns. For instance, we use 100% cotton yarns, 100% organic combed cotton, 100% Gassed Mercerised cotton, and cotton wool blends.
  • Furthermore, we use imported natural yarns, man-made yarns local, and synthetic yarn local. For instance, we use 100% Italian Merino Wool, 100% Viscose, and 100% Acrylic, respectively.

Yarn, Trims, And Extras

Our goal is to create knitwear for all ages that is organic, lightweight, and cosy, utilising both natural and synthetic yarns. Hence, we make everything with approved and premium yarns. For instance, cotton sweaters, embroidered cardigans, babies wool knitwear, kids knitted apparel, etc.

The types of yarns we use:

  • Viscose
  • Acrylic
  • Cotton 
  • Cotton Linen
  • Regenerated Cotton Polyester
  • Organic Cotton
  • Mercerised Cotton
  • Merino Wool
  • Cotton Acrylic
  • Lambswool
  • Cashmere


Knitting Process

  • Our knitted manufacturing unit has artisans with experience in creating a variety of knitwear garments. Moreover, we have electronic flatbed knitting machines that produce garments in 5, 7, 10, 12, and 14 gauges. 
  • Our artisans and trained technicians are able to handle intricate and distinctive patterns in accordance with customer needs, as well as low MOQ. This is because the most recent knitting machine plants are available in our unit.
  • Furthermore, we have a kitting capacity of 400 to 1000 units per gauge per week. 


We at Inde Artisans offer bespoke women designer embroidered knitwear. For instance, you can order embroidered cardigans, sweaters, jumpers, etc.

For Bespoke Knitwear Embroidery Services:

  • You can choose your preferred style from our stock service for bespoke knitwear embroidery.
  • Transfer the design, logo, Pantone colors, the required size, and location through email.
  • The cost of sampling will depend on the type of design and how sophisticated it is.
  • It will take around 5–10 days to run a sample on a swatch for approval.

Steam And Cutting

At the Inde Artisans knitted manufacturing plants, we own automated steaming and cutting machines. That is to say, we aim to guarantee that every item of clothing fits you precisely and has your expected specifications.

  • Our knitting and rewinding procedures allow the panels to have the ideal hue and handle.
  • The washing procedure is given good care to maintain the durability and high calibre of the yarns and clothing. When we link any washed panels together, they are all pressed.
  • For the machinery, we have highly competent staff members. They assist us in attaining optimum productivity in the necessary amount of time.

Make-Up And Assembly

  • Our makeup and assembly unit allows us to guarantee that your garment is finished to the highest standard, giving it the ideal look and fit.
  • The makeup department has all the required garment manufacturing equipment. For instance, we have linking, overlocking, seam-covering, lock-stitching, button-hole, and button-sewing machines.

Quality Inspection

The mission of Inde Artisans is to make clothing that lives up to high standards of quality. Hence:

  • We believe that quality inspection needs to come first on every manufacturer's priority list if it wants to flourish.
  • We have quality assurance units at every stage of garment production, starting from the intermediate to the final stage.
  • Knitted clothing undergoes inspection both before and after washing and even after finishing the product.
  • We also offer lamp checking to make sure that no hole, no matter how small, goes missing in lightweight clothing.
  • Above all, we make sure to check every measurement before we deliver the product. It is to satisfy customer expectations concerning size and shape.

Finishing Process

We ensure the product is finished with the highest care once it has gone through all the production stages. Therefore, before delivering it to our customers, we thoroughly inspect it for flaws and rectify them.

  • We do thorough inspections for dimensions, knitting flaws, and errors.
  • We use only certified detergent for washing the products during the washing process.
  • We carry out fabric QC checks on a glass table.
  • We provide hand finishing for linked garments.
  • We do final pressing with a steam press or hand iron.
  • Before the final pressing procedure, each individual ready garment is manually examined.
  • Moreover, we conduct a final inspection of flaws for all parameters in accordance with the buyer's requirements.

In conclusion, we make sure that the product is well-made and well-received without any room for flaws. Thanks to a committed workforce and cutting-edge technology at Inde Artisans for making dreams come true.