Sample and Order Process

Sampling And Bulk Production

To manufacture a garment that brings out the true nature of your creativity, we invest our time and energy in producing ideal clothing samples. We create theoretical form samples or a tech pack of garments that give your imagination a real form. Once the tech pack is received and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) file making and approvals are done, we proceed to the following kinds of garment sampling processes:

  • Testing/First Look Sample

  • Proto/Fit sample

  • Size Set Sample

  • Pre-production sample

  • Shipment sample

  • Testing/First Look Sample

The first interpretation of a designer’s idea takes place when the pattern-making and other requirements are received through a tech pack or CAD file.

Initial look and feel of the product

Loose take of the design for visualization

Fit and fabric are not given much attention

Proto Sample

A proto sample in garment industry kickstarts an entire production. When our designers receive the order sheet from buyers, a proto sample takes place.

Communication of the design aesthetics and style of the garment

Review of the adequate fit and fall of the garment

The client provides the measurements of the fit prototype/ size chart

Maintenance of details of the construction of the garment, like color combination

Size Set Sample

  • After a fit sample is approved, we work on the size set samples to ensure that the apparel retains the expected shape and size.

  • The base pattern of each size is graded

  • The capacity to make samples of distinct sizes is measured

  • Usually, three samples of each size are produced

  • The mass cutting of fabrics begins once all sizes are approved

Pre-Production Sample

A pre-production sample in the garment industry is the first sample that is created in the actual production line of the garment factory. It is a test run by the factory to check if bulk production can be initiated after the final sample comes in shape.

  • Constructed with the original fabric, trims, and accessories

  • Pantone color approvals, yarn approval, and fabric selection are carried out

  • Specifications concerning embroidery thread color approvals and washes are considered

  • Approval of a PP sample initiates bulk production

Shipment Sample

Shipment samples are taken when the bulk production is complete and the shipment is finished. These serve to test the final product that will reach the buyer.

The samples contain mandatory packaging, labels, and all other final details attached to the finished product.

  • It assures the delivery of the sample to the buyer

  • One sample is sent to the buyer, one to the factory, and the other to the buying house merchant


  • We, at Inde Artisans, have a state-of-the-art design studio that helps with the sampling and apparel production processes.

  • We have an in-house design team with expertise in research on print graphics and embroidery

  • We have a dedicated team to provide information regarding printing techniques for Speciality Garment Washes

  • Inde Artisans also has graphic designers to provide hand-created designs that stay on par with the latest fashion innovations

We offer flexibility in design as we have talented artisans who have expertise in knitting, spinning, dyeing, embroidery, and stitching With a dedicated group of hard-working designers and artisans, we aim to provide high-quality layouts and fashionable apparel that stay on top of the latest trends in the clothing manufacturing arena.

Apparel Manufacturing Facilities

In order to keep hand-crafted clothing items in line with ongoing trends and fashion markets, our cutting-edge technology and apparel manufacturing facilities are kept up-to-date.

  • The unit has some of the latest garment manufacturing equipment that gives us the ability to process orders of any quantity

  • We have access to the UBT Locksmith machines, the UBT Flat Lock, the UBT Overlock, Buttoning and Buttonhole stitching

  • We can produce more than 2,000 units per day while handling customer-required specializations

  • We also have an “in-process inspection system,” which provides comprehensive training to our factory workers to prevent any defective clothing production

Hence, by combining the best craftsmanship with contemporary machinery, we focus on meeting customer needs even before the proposed deadline.